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My sisses and I love Usagi and Piske. (*´艸`*)




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[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family (GIF) (free .PSD!)
Bat This GIF is of the steps for this batty artwork: 
[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family by muddymelly 

Dear y'all! As promised, here is another free batch of high-res Photoshop files (of this artwork) on my Patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon (including step-by-step .PSDsfinal .PSD + images, and step-by-step image files!) kaomoji set 2 16/67

Thank you so much for looking, dear and patient y'all (many of whom I owe a response to!!) 

Alternative depiction of the little bat family: 
Bat Bat Bat (aahhhhh that tiny animated flappy bat!! Such endearing pixel artwork, dear y'all!!) 
[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family (free .PSD!) by muddymelly
[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family (free .PSD!)

[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family (GIF) by muddymelly Bat:heart: rvmpBat:heart: rvmpBat 

As promised, here is another free batch of high-res Photoshop files on my Patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon (including step-by-step .PSDs, final .PSD + images, and step-by-step image files!) kaomoji set 2 16/67 I hope everything is to your liking, dear y'all; please let me know if you can't open any files! Thank you all so much for your gracious support and patience with my slow replies... Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4] The cause behind this artwork is near and dear to my sisters and me, so I have waxed verbose in writing about it to y'all... 

I drew this artwork of a loving batty family for a hard-working friend and animator, Justin Gorski, who'll use this piece to promote his upcoming 3-D short film titled "Lil Bat!" Lil Bat's story strives to raise awareness of the dreadful "white-nose syndrome" disease that has been wiping out dwindling bat populations with frightful rapacity! Imagine being unable to sleep night after night because your skin and mucosal membranes are extraordinarily itchy/scratched raw, and there's nothing in your fridge and no running water... nor is there anything you can do to rid yourself of the fungi attacking your skin, nose, lips, arms. And you feel super sick. This rather sounds like the nightmarish I Must Scream and I Have No Mouth...! 

Bats affected by white-nose syndrome are reeling from all of these experiences (and more) during their wintry hibernation season, when there are no insects and unfrozen water to consume... and when uninterrupted rest is a must. Suffering from illness, exhaustion, and dehydration, millions upon millions of benevolent, insect-nomming bats died from white-nose disease in droves over the past ten years. The italicized bit hit us hard when I was drawing this piece: 

Current estimates of bat population declines in the northeastern US since the emergence of white-nose syndrome are approximately 80%. [...] It is unlikely that species of bats affected by white-nose syndrome will recover quickly because most are long-lived and have only a single pup per year. 

Diligent (and highly concerned) scientists have rolled out promising cures (bacteria VS fungi battles, aww yiss) over the years!! In summery Georgia, where my sisters and I live, we can see tiny and curious bats very softly chittering around street lamps, where they munch on the entranced insects drawn to the light. kaomoji set 1 9/19  These tiny (and sometimes humongous!) mammals are incredibly wondrous in anatomy and lifestyle... 

Thank you so very much for reading all of this. :heart: rvmp _(:3」∠)_ 

(Here's a list of all free files from me!) 

Little Kirishima Eijirou (free .PSD!) by muddymelly
Little Kirishima Eijirou (free .PSD!)
Patreon Icon Link to Photoshop file on my Patreon~

Dear y'all, this is part of a set of artwork that I’m making for an art trade with the extraordinarily talented and patient Rein (who reigns in expressing beautiful emotion in art!) I can’t just give one baby Kirishima to Rein, who drew this gorgeous Aizawa-sensei for our art trade! So please expect more (teenaged - and little) Kirishima in the near future! I’ve got to do the sweetly supportive “big brother”-type  Kirishima and the incredibly talented Rein right~! I can see such admirable similarities between these two. :3c

Little Kirishima’s Quirk (hardening his body to withstand blows and even explosions) first manifested when he was just three years old and waking up to use the bathroom, sleepily rubbing his right eye (he accidentally nicked his eyelid when his Quirk acted up and hardened his hand.) This left him with a tiny scar that resembles an eyelash! 

When requesting art of Kirishima, Rein - whilst discussing Kirishima’s scar - beautifully expressed: “I love the subtle details that the author puts in the story that makes all the characters more believable!!!”

Me too, my dear Rein!! kaomoji set 2 16/67 kaomoji set 1 3/19 
Work-in-progress: All Might! by muddymellyA work-in-progress Izuku Not Impressed Icon  of our #1 hero, All Might (AKA "Dad Might"/"Smol Might!!") Izuku Excited Icon Includes teenaged Toshinori Yagi (AKA young All Might, when he was still a student at UA/Yuuei!)
Allmighto by muddymelly
[Process GIF] Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements
Dear y'all, this is my first time uploading a GIF to DeviantART, so I very much hope that the GIF loads alright for y'all! - because, within its submission interface, DeviantART is unable to show GIF previews for uploaded GIFs larger than 150 x 150 pixels (I hope I uploaded the proper file, but may have to ask for forgiveness if it's Spongebob or Garfield instead Bunny Emoji-73 (Wondering) [V4] )

I hope y'all may enjoy watching a GIF of me wrangling with blobs, trying to turn them into hopefully coherent art! m(_ _)m This GIF was made from the following artwork: 
[Commission] Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements by muddymelly [Close-Up] Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements by muddymelly Process for Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements by muddymelly 

All the Photoshop files for this piece (and all my other Patreon artworks) and my brushes and tool presets libraries are now up on my Patreon! Patreon Icon mini  (Please do let me know if you'd like the brushes and tool presets that I use for free; I'd be glad to just send them to you so you can create without worrying about a budget!) ^^pq 

(My FacebookTumblr, and Twitter are here; I'd be very glad to connect with you!) 

Here's the link to check out your first rewards of Junekaomoji set 2 18/67 Patreon Icon Heart Emoji Bullet I'm currently making more rewards for y'all that you'll receive during this month!

Dear y'all, please definitely let me know if you have any problems, suggestions, critiques, requests, and thoughts; your insights and the time that you kindly give me are incredible gifts, and are deeply appreciated...! What can I do to make everything that I do better? I'm gratefully all ears! 

... I want to do so much more for y'all. I feel like my hands and my self are on fire (in a wonderful way, def' thanks to y'all,) and my heart wants to do my very best to create pieces that may bring you joy. I owe you all so very much. 

About this batch of rewards... 

This batch is all about the kickbutt Kaneki Ken; it was def' fun to draw what might be the coolest-looking of all of his incredible character redesigns... Kaneki just *slays* kaomoji set 2 52/67 (*badum-tish*) in every form, doesn't he? I really want to draw him again (definitely feel free to send in requests and ideas!)

Also, I've included 700+ custom and curated brushes and dozens of handmade and hand-picked tool presets! And your well-deserved rewards go on to include the following: 
Patreon-PROMO by muddymelly

What's coming up next... 

Watch these blobs transform before your very eyes! (Oh, gosh, my phrasing is awful - as always; these are not GIFs, but they are work-in-progress shots that you'll see progressing over the next few days!) I'll post them in order of blobbiness! 

ClHOBv1WEAAIzay by muddymelly

ClHORirWgAEWEJo by muddymellyClHOnVpXEAEjTkc by muddymelly

^ To your left are poor Overblob heroblobs, and to your right is the blobbiest work-in-progress I may have ever dared to send a client.  

:Rolls up sleeves: I'll be working on these and more, but def' holler if you need me, dear y'all!! 
  • Watching: all of you amazing creators!! Go, you, go!


muddymelly's Profile Picture
Melissa Hui Wang (王晖)
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Thank you very much for looking at my work! Please always share any thoughts or critiques you have; I'm grateful for the opportunity to listen to you and for your discernment that fuels my improvement. I am honored to receive your insights, wise criticisms, and kind encouragement! Please know that your words and thoughts are cherished by me.

:huggle: My Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, design portfolio, and tiny storefront are here; I'd be glad to connect with you and follow you back!

I'm currently working on --

:+favlove: Commissions for extremely magnanimous and patient people who have waited an exorbitant time. Bless y'all!!
[Commissions are currently closed; I apologize and am very grateful if you were thinking of commissioning me.]

:+favlove: My Patreon, which I just opened on June 3rd!! Please let me know what you'd like to receive from it! I'd love to hear.

:+favlove: My little startup, Heart Level Up Studios. "You play. We give. Game for good!"
Play with purpose @ Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter


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