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My sisses and I love Usagi and Piske. (*´艸`*) (And the adorable Molang TV show!! If you've never seen any Molang episodes, please def' treat yo' self:…)




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[Commission: Kaneki Ken] - 'Light of Crepuscule'
Edited artwork on February 19, 2017: I felt I did a poor job on drawing Kaneki's face (I didn't make him look enough like himself,) so I redid his face, punched up certain color vibrances, fixed some anatomy mistakes, and added some colored highlights! The old picture is here for comparison: 

Light of Crepuscule (old version!) by muddymelly 

Quick plug: dear y'all, I would def' love to follow you back and connect with you on TumblrFacebookTwitter, and Instagram; I cherish seeing what y'all create and are passionate about, and cheering you on! kaomoji set 2 18/67 

Patreon plug by muddymelly  
EDIT @ 4:20 pm: I've just started a Patreon (a few minutes ago,) where I'm giving out the final high-res Photoshop file of this Kaneki artwork (2400 x 1600 + dozens of layers!) I would dearly appreciate hearing what free/paid rewards you'd like to receive from my Patreon! (Current suggestions include speedpaints, which would be free, of course!) Please feel free to comment your thoughts, requests, and suggestions all over my Patreon page, or here, or wherever you feel most comfy doing so!

:Takes deep breath~: Dear you, thank you so much for kindly looking! m(_ _)m T'is the renowned Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul (who  might hold the world record for going through the coolest and most character redesigns...!) :Stares in awe at each evolution of Kaneki: @^@ 

Kaneki Talking Icon  Kaneki Smiles Icontokyo ghoul gif ken kaneki Kaneki Talking Icon kaomoji set 49/67 

This artwork was commissioned by a wonderfully talented voice actor (!!) friend who is as sweet as he is dedicated! Thank you so much, Tyler James Thompson, for allowing me to work on this piece for you - and for using the piece in your gorgeous cover of "Unravel!!" 
Bunny Emoji-40 (Gangnam) [V3] 

And the title for this piece was generously suggested* by the warm-as-sunshine sunshine-hideyoshi-nagachika (AKA Luna!) Love The Sunshine Oh, my gosh, Luna... your inspiration behind "Crépuscule" is absolutely so touching and fitting...! I def' feel like Kaneki would appreciatively read Victor Hugo. (Luna, I changed your suggestion a bit because - I bet you already knew this, dear Luna and dear reader! - I found out that an interesting-sounding Korean manhwa about vampires titled "Crepuscule" exists! - And, sadly/surprisingly, DeviantART doesn't allow "é" in titles. /___\ C'mon, DA - I know you can be classy like Luna.) 

IMG-On-06 03 2016-At-15 06 00 by muddymelly kaomoji set 2 67/67 

As Luna beautifully translated, "God wants us to have loved;" may you feel and know you are loved today. Panda Emoji-10 (Blush) [V1] 
[Steps] - Sky-High (free .PSD files!)
Heart La ~Free~ Photoshop steps/final files (and high-res steps/final images) of this artwork are up on my Patreon, where I regularly upload big freebie packages that I hope you enjoy!!
 Patreon IconBunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4]

If this image is too blurry, the high-res process steps in the free Patreon bundle are much crisper and bigger! kaomoji set 1 3/19 

Closeup (of our digital girl, Charit [original character]) - and really blobby birds (birbs? borbs?) and high-resolution final piece:
[Closeup] - Sky-High (it's Charit!) by muddymelly  8 by muddymelly  

I originally drew the very first artwork, which is this old piece --

Flying Lessons In The Rain by muddymelly 

-- intending to give it as a gift to preciously kind people, but felt that the final result that I uploaded really wasn’t good enough; there are so many areas that need improvement (like anatomy) and the values (lights/darks) are all very, very light (the old piece definitely needs more contrast! Details are difficult to make out.) -- I'm still awfully worried that the old artwork is making your eyes hurt (or that prolonged staring will result in sore eyeballs...!) Please do not allow yourself to suffer, if so! m(_ _)m;;;

I decided to take the background of the old artwork and try to improve it as much as I could! This was the impetus behind the final Charit + birds + clouds + skyscape piece. 
Sky-High (free .PSD files!)
~Free~ Photoshop steps/final files (and high-res steps/final images) of this artwork are up on my Patreon, where I regularly upload big freebie packages that I hope you enjoy!!
 Patreon IconBunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4]Heart La   

Closeup* and steps:
[Closeup] - Sky-High (it's Charit!) (Free .PSD!) by muddymelly <-- It's Charit**, who's in your corner!  [Steps] - Sky-High (free .PSD!) by muddymelly Pink Heart Icon

*Please do lemme know if the steps are too blurry! Crisp and much larger steps are in your free Patreon package that everyone can freely download!

In titling this piece, I was reminded of a movie that my sisses and I haven't yet seen... Has anyone seen the Disney live-action film Sky-High (about superhero children?) (Despite existing in the U.S. since birth, I only first heard about when a netizen compared its cast to that of our beloved Boku No Hero Academia [My Hero Academia]... I'm even more behind the times than I thought I was!) 💦💦

**The tiny white floating thing in the artwork is indeed our digital girl Charit (original character,) born to cheer you on! Cheerleader Ruel Onionhead cheerleader - Onion head She's flying with really blobby birds (birbs? borbs? What's your favorite way to refer to round birds?) BEYBLADE, BEYBLADE, LET IT RIP! 
Raphtalia! (Free .PSD!)
Edit on December 10th, 2016: rotated Do a Barrel roll  the canvas - and edited Raphtalia's ears/body! Free Photoshop file of before/after:…

[Close-Up] Raphtalia! by muddymelly  [Steps] Raphtalia! by muddymelly 
^ A close-up and steps for you darling folk! kaomoji set 2 18/67 (My FacebookTumblr, and Twitter are here; I'd be very honored to connect with you! 💖)

m(_ _)m Patreon Icon Huge Photoshop (final and progress) files of this piece (and "thank you" gifts) are here on my Patreon; my free Photoshop files are here! 

kaomoji set 1 18/19 (If you'd like to get a print of any of my pieces, I'll soon be opening up a print store with affordable prices!) 

After a super long time of me not posting (thank you so much for being super patient with me,) here is a piece of the very warm-hearted demi-human Raphtalia (from the fantastical web novel/light novel/manga series, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari [“The Rising of the Shield Hero!”] She has the cutest round tanuki ears (that resemble a cat's!) and bushy tail, which I hope to draw better next time!! The ring-thing in Raphtalia’s right hand is one of her metal slave cuffs. (As a young slave, Raphtalia had suffered horribly for years at the hands of her previous owner, but feels real pride in being a capable slave to her new master, the grumpy-but-kind-hearted Naofumi. Her many lovely outfit redesigns always include her slave cuffs that she wears proudly.) 
I find myself typing and re-typing spoilers as I try to spin up a character description of the graciously kind (and badass) Raph’ and the series! I’m forever bubbling over with spoilers...
I think the best way to describe this uniquely interesting series would be [to use my shoddy memory to paraphrase] in the words of my beloved younger sis’, who recommended it to me:
  • Tate no Yuusha vividly chronicles the innovative solutions of an ordinary Japanese university student (a young man named Naofumi) thrust into a sprawling and socially complex fantasy MMO-esque world -- where he learns he’s been summoned to be the Hero of the Shield. 
  • The drawbacks of Naofumi's incredible new life situation include (1) royalty conspiring against him (inducing the whole kingdom to unfairly despise him,) and (2) he cannot equip/hold any weapon - except for his shield (firmly attached to his wrist.) He's almost immediately badly betrayed! 
  • Being forced to use only a shield (that cannot be thrown like a boomerang/Captain America's shield) leads to fascinating inventiveness in the face of formidable enemies and surviving a hostile fantasy land. 
  • Even with his innovations, Naofumi still needs someone to join his 1-man team who can fight... After Naofumi uses his few hard-earned funds to purchase the heavily-abused Raphtalia from a slave trader, the generally-cold-but-good-hearted Naofumi (grumpily) feeds, nurtures, trains, clothes, and medicates a grateful Raphtalia, who swears she’ll be his sword and to fight for him.
  • Naofumi continues to be grumpy/cold for some time. 
  • Understandably, it takes a lot for this guy to trust a fellow.
Rentarou Nodding Icon 

Here's the link to check out your first rewards of Junekaomoji set 2 18/67 Patreon Icon Heart Emoji Bullet I'm currently making more rewards for y'all that you'll receive during this month!

Dear y'all, please definitely let me know if you have any problems, suggestions, critiques, requests, and thoughts; your insights and the time that you kindly give me are incredible gifts, and are deeply appreciated...! What can I do to make everything that I do better? I'm gratefully all ears! 

... I want to do so much more for y'all. I feel like my hands and my self are on fire (in a wonderful way, def' thanks to y'all,) and my heart wants to do my very best to create pieces that may bring you joy. I owe you all so very much. 

About this batch of rewards... 

This batch is all about the kickbutt Kaneki Ken; it was def' fun to draw what might be the coolest-looking of all of his incredible character redesigns... Kaneki just *slays* kaomoji set 2 52/67 (*badum-tish*) in every form, doesn't he? I really want to draw him again (definitely feel free to send in requests and ideas!)

Also, I've included 700+ custom and curated brushes and dozens of handmade and hand-picked tool presets! And your well-deserved rewards go on to include the following: 
Patreon-PROMO by muddymelly

What's coming up next... 

Watch these blobs transform before your very eyes! (Oh, gosh, my phrasing is awful - as always; these are not GIFs, but they are work-in-progress shots that you'll see progressing over the next few days!) I'll post them in order of blobbiness! 

ClHOBv1WEAAIzay by muddymelly

ClHORirWgAEWEJo by muddymellyClHOnVpXEAEjTkc by muddymelly

^ To your left are poor Overblob heroblobs, and to your right is the blobbiest work-in-progress I may have ever dared to send a client.  

:Rolls up sleeves: I'll be working on these and more, but def' holler if you need me, dear y'all!! 
  • Watching: all of you amazing creators!! Go, you, go!


muddymelly's Profile Picture
Melissa Hui Wang (王晖)
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Thank you very much for looking at my work! Please always share any thoughts or critiques you have; I'm grateful for the opportunity to listen to you and for your discernment that fuels my improvement. I am honored to receive your insights, wise criticisms, and kind encouragement! Please know that your words and thoughts are cherished by me.

:huggle: My Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, design portfolio, and tiny storefront are here; I'd be glad to connect with you and follow you back!

I'm currently working on --

:+favlove: Commissions for extremely magnanimous and patient people who have waited an exorbitant time. Bless y'all!!
[Commissions are currently closed; I apologize and am very grateful if you were thinking of commissioning me.]

:+favlove: My Patreon, which launched on June 3rd of 2016! Please let me know what you'd like to receive from it! I'd love to hear and accommodate.

:+favlove: My little startup, Heart Level Up Studios. "You play. We give. Game for good!"
Play with purpose @ Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter


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